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General Rules



  1. Name. 

The Federation shall be called “The Midland Counties Schools Football Federation” and shall be affiliated to The English Schools Football Association.


2.  Aims and Objects.

      (a)  The mental, moral and physical development of schoolboys through the medium of Association Football.

      (b)  To help Teachers’ Charities and other charitable purposes to such an extent as shall be recommended at the Annual General Meeting.

      (c)  To provide competitions as shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting.


3.  Membership

      (a) Membership shall be open to properly constituted County Schools Football Associations.

      (b)  The members shall be the County Schools Football Associations of Derbyshire, Humberside, Leicestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and West Midlands.


4.  Life Membership. 

     Life Membership of the Federation may, by resolution at an Annual General Meeting, be conferred on any person who has rendered outstanding service to the Federation.


5.  Finance.

      (a)  The affiliation fee shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting.

      (b)  The affiliation fee shall be payable on or before 30th September.

      (c)  Grants, where applicable, shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting.


6.  Officers.

      (a) The Officers of the Federation shall be the President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer.

      (b)  The President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.



7.   Council and Voting Powers

      (a)  The affairs of the Federation shall be controlled by a Council consisting of the Officers together with the representatives of the members County SFAs.

      (b)  Each Officer shall have one vote.  Each County S.F.A.  may have two additional voting representatives each having one vote.

      (c)  The Chairman shall have a casting vote where necessary.

      (d)  The quorum for a meeting shall be seven voting members.

      (e)   The Council shall have the power to co-opt.  Co-opted mebers shall have one vote.


8.   Annual General Meeting

      (a)  The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held in the month of June.

      (b)  The Hon. Secretary shall give at least ten days notice of the date and venue of the AGM., together with particulars of proposed amendments and additions to rules.


9.   Special General Meeting

      (a)  A Special General Meeting shall be called at the request of (i) the Officers  (ii)  three member County SFAs  writing to the Hon. Secretary.  At least fourteen days notice of the date and venue of a Special General Meeting must be given to member SFAs together with particulars of the business to be discussed.


10.              Alteration to Rules

      (a)  Notice of alterations and additions to General Rules and Competition rules for discussion at the AGM must be submitted to the Hon. Secretary by 30th April.

      (b)  Such notice must be proposed and seconded in writing by two different member County SFAs.



JUNE 2007