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Competition Rules



  1.   Name.       Midland Counties Schools Inter-County Competition


  1.   Entries.   Each member county schools football Association may enter a

 representative team.


  1. The Competition.

(a)  The Federation shall have the discretion to run competitions at u14, u15, u16 and u18 age groups.  The decision about which competitions to run will be made at an AGM or Special G.M. and normally giving twelve months notice of any proposed change.

(b)  The teams will be placed into two area leagues.

(c)   Each team shall play each other team in its area league once.

(d)  The fixtures shall be as agreed at the AGM.

(e)  The winner of each game in the league shall receive three points, with one point for a draw.

(f)  If two or more teams finish level on points in a league, then goal difference will be taken into account.

(g)  If teams are still level, then the team scoring the greater number of goals shall be placed higher.

(h)  If teams are still level then the match between these teams shall be taken into account.

(i)   If teams are still level then the match shall be replayed on the original away team’s ground with extra time and kicks from the penalty mark if necessary.

(j)   Each area league winner and runner-up will compete in the semi final stages.

(k)  The competition will then take the form of a knock-out.

(l)  The draw for the semi-finals will place each league winner at home against the runner-up of the other league.

(m)  The venue for the Final will be decided at the AGM.

(n)   In the event of a draw in a semi-final or the final then extra time will be played.  If the match is still drawn then a penalty kick competition shall be held unless the two County SFA’s and the Hon. Secretary of the Midland Counties Schools Football Federation have agreed prior to the kick off to a replay.

(o)  If the replay is a draw, extra time of ten minutes each way shall be played.  If it is still a draw then a penalty kick competition shall decide the winner.

(p)  In all competitions that lead to either national qualifying competitions or Midland Counties competitions then the following will apply:  If any county is unable to meet its commitment to play a game, other than for weather conditions, in the period of 48 hours prior to the kick off time of the arranged fixture, then the match shall be deemed to be a 2-0 win to the opposition”

(q)   The date structure for each competition will be given within the fixture programme for each age group as shown on the Federation's website.


(r)   Council shall have the discretion to alter the format, including not holding a final, for any competition where it forms part of a national competition.  Such a decision shall be taken before the start of the competition.

(s)  An emergency committee of five delegates shall deal with matters of urgency.  If a dispute arises, the Secretary or Competition Coordinator shall call upon any three delegates of that committee who are not directly involved, to make a decision.


4.         Matches. 

The Laws of the Game shall be those of the Football Association except

 as modified below.

           (a)  The minimum size of the pitch shall be ninety yards by sixty yards.

            (b)   The duration of matches shall be 35 minutes each way (u14),  40 minutes each way (u15, u16)    45 minutes each way (u18).

            (c)   In an emergency, not less than thirty minutes each way shall be

           played subject to agreement between the two county schools FA’s and

           notified to  the referee prior to the kick off.

            (c)  If extra time is required it shall be ten minutes each way.

            (d)  A size 4 ball shall be used in u14 competitions unless it is mutually agreed to be size 5.


5.         Substitutes. 

Substitutes shall be allowed as in all ESFA competitions.


6.         Match Officials.

(a)  Match Officials up to and including the semi-finals shall be appointed

 by the home County SFA.

(b)  Match Officials for the Final shall be appointed by the Midland

 Counties Schools Football Federation.

(c)  In the event of a referee failing to appear, the County SFAs concerned

 must agree in writing upon one on the ground.


7.         Players.

Only those boys who are bona fide scholars on the roll of an affiliated

school of the County and have attained the appropriate age at midnight

between the previous 31st August and 1st September shall be allowed to

take part in this competition, subject to the exceptions allowed under

ESFA competitions.


8.         Finance

            (a)  The away team shall pay its own traveling expenses.

            (b)  The home team shall provide refreshments and pay the match



9.         The Trophy.

            (a)  The winners of the Competition shall be responsible  for suitable

            engraving of the trophy.

            (b)  The Trophy shall be returned to the Hon. Secretary of the Federation

            in good order and condition on or before 1st April in the ensuing year.


10.      Emergencies

            (a)  Any matter not dealt with in the foregoing rules may be resolved by

            reference to the appropriate ESFA competition rules.

            (b)  Any further matters shall be dealt with by a committee of three